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Here is a great fairy themed idea to keep the little ones occupied on a rainy summer holiday afternoon. And it’s super easy too!

Home made fairy bread waiting for the fairies outside the red fairy door    Leaving fairy bread for the fairies outside the red fairy door

What you’ll need to make fairy bread . . . 

– Bread and /or pancakes

– Butter or chocolate spread (or both!)

– Sprinkles

– Cookie cutters

Ingredients for making fairy bread for the fairies to leave outside the fairy door

What to do . . . 

First spread your bread or pancake with chocolate spread or butter.

photo (48)  photo (47)

Then add your sprinkles!

photo (45)

Choose your cutter, place on the bread and press hard.

photo (42)          photo (38)1

And you’re done!  You can try lots of different designs.

photo (35)

What a special treat to share with your fairy! 🙂

photo (32)           photo (30)


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    I appsolutly love this my little girl is 3 in 5 months and she’s got a little fairy door, she’s learning to sleep in her own room and it’s really helped, she has made fairy bread today and she was so excited, she loves her fairy she hasn’t come up with a name for it yet tho, excited to see what she comes out with xxx

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