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Where do fairies live?

Fairies come from fairyland. Most fairies live there but some fairies are lucky enough to be welcomed into human homes and be part of their family. This is a great honour for a fairy and they have a huge party in fairyland each time a fairy is selected to move into a human home.

How will my fairy move in?

Simply find a special place to put your fairy door and leave the key beside it. The next morning if the key has gone you will know that your fairy has moved in. You can also leave gifts for your fairy. A letter, a picture or even something to eat! If you are very lucky your fairy might write back to you!

Are fairies invisible?

No fairies aren’t invisible but they are very tiny and they move so quickly that we just can’t see them. Also they usually only come out when we are fast asleep in bed!! It can be lots of fun to imagine what our fairies look like though. Perhaps you could draw a picture.

Can I take a photo of my fairy?

Even if you were quick enough to spot a fairy and up late enough the fairy’s fairy dust is so magic and sparkly you would just end up with a photo of a big pretty sparkle!!

How do fairies get to us from fairyland?

Fairies can use fairy dust to get to us from fairyland however they much prefer to use fairy doors. It is much less tiring for them and saves them using up their precious fairy dust.

Are all fairies the same?

No each fairy is different. Just like us they all have their own special characteristics that make them unique. They all write differently too. Some are cheeky, some love music, others are sporty and some like flowers. And some have extra special jobs. We have all heard of the tooth fairy who collects teeth but there are many other jobs for fairies.

Why doesn’t my fairy visit me every night?

Fairies are very busy little things and they live between our world and fairyland. They need time to rest and to go and visit their other fairy friends. Also it is hard work for a tiny fairy to write a big long letter even though they do love nothing better! Don’t worry though they will always write back eventually.

What is fairy dust?

Fairy dust is very very special and magical. It is made by fairies in fairyland and they spend a lot of their time working hard to find the ingredients for fairy dust. It is very precious and is made from a number of secret ingredients. We will share more about this soon…

Do fairies talk?

Fairies have their own special language that only they can understand. It is so high pitched it can’t be heard by human ears. If we could hear it would sound like lots of tiny bell tinkling!

Can fairies understand me?

Fairies are very clever and can understand anything we say, in any language!! They love nothing better than listening to children as they play and laughing at their jokes and how much fun they have.

Does my fairy have a name?

Fairies have names in fairyland but we wouldn’t be able to pronounce them as their language just sounds like hundreds of tiny bells tinkling to us. Fairies like you to choose a special name for them when they move into their new home with you. It can be any name you like so you can have lots of fun choosing the perfect name for your new fairy.

Any more questions?

We love to hear from you and will try our very best to answer all your fairy related questions. Just email us at