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Beautiful Fairy Doors

Can you give a real fairy a home?
Encourage imaginative play today!


Fairies Need Homes!

Discover the magic of inviting
Fairies into your home by
owning your own Fairy Door


Through the
Fairy Door

What happens when your
fairy goes through the
Fairy Door?


Magical Wooden Fairy Doors

Welcome to the world of fairies. Now you can be a part of it too!

We supply tiny fairy doors so that you can invite a real fairy to live with you in your home!

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Popular Fairy Doors and Fairy Door Accessories

Our fairy shop is where you can bring the magic of fairy doors into your home or garden.

  • Fairy Wall Stickers

  • Fairy Door & FREE Wall Stickers – Pink Toadstool Design

  • Stepping Stones

  • Fairy Door & FREE Wall Stickers – Blue Sparkle Snowflake Design


My Own Fairy creates beautiful handcrafted solid wood fairy doors with lots of love and a sprinkle of fairy dust. Each beautifully packaged fairy door is suitable for outdoor use and comes complete with a magic key, bottle of magic fairy dust, letter from the fairies, online fairy book and membership to our exclusive fairy club. We also offer a range of fairy accessories which are the perfect way to make your fairy feel right at home. We offer a range of delivery options including next day delivery so why not unlock the door to your own magical adventure . . . . .

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Could you give a real fairy a home?

Simply find a special place to put your fairy door, leave out the magic key and wait for your fairy to take the key and move in!

Fairies need homes!

We help fairies find human homes! Fairies love human company, especially children and it is the greatest of honours in fairyland to be invited to live with a human family. We help to make that happen! It is very easy to invite a fairy into your home.

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Find your Fairy

Our fairy shop contains all of our fairy doors and accessories. You can choose the perfect fairy door for you and your fairy.

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Fairy Blog

Find out what is happening in fairyland and share your fairy experiences with others.  Visit our Fairy Blog to find out more.

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Fairy Facts

Want to know more about fairies? All your fairy questions are  answered here in our helpful page about Fairy Facts.

Fairy FAQ