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Christmas Fairies

Christmas Fairies

The magical time of Christmas is almost upon us, and what a time it always is to be a child at Christmas. High streets adorned with sparkling lights, trees decorated…
Laura Nelson
December 3, 2015

Christmas Elf Doors

Christmas Elf Doors are being ordered now, ready for the magical beginning of the festive season.  Our Christmas Elf Doors are a more sustainable, and imaginative alternative to advent calendars.  (more…)
Laura Nelson
November 24, 2015
garden fairy door
Garden Fairy Door

Garden Fairy Doors

Your house or your garden? It’s your choice. We know fairies will love their special home wherever you place your fairy door. Your garden fairy door can be placed just outside the…
Laura Nelson
November 17, 2015

Fairy Garden Ideas

It has been a busy half-term for Ella and Sam with their mummy Jo. This super-creative brother and sister have produced beautiful fairy gardens featuring a fairy door of their…
Laura Nelson
March 4, 2015