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The magical time of Christmas is almost upon us, and what a time it always is to be a child at Christmas. High streets adorned with sparkling lights, trees decorated everywhere and the daily countdown of anticipation with advent calendars.

Children aren’t the only ones excited at this time of year – Christmas fairies are too.

Why wouldn’t they be? They have feelings too.

Christmas fairies are tingling with expectation waiting to spend Christmas with your family, in your home, at this magical time of year.

Imagine the thrills of waking up on Christmas Day with your very own elf door, or Christmas fairy.


wholesale-accessoriesFairies are magic. They bring gifts when we lose teeth as children, we can leave them notes under pillows as we slumber. We all remember that magic of finding the gift of money from a nocturnal visitor.

Christmas fairies are even better, they add to the excitement of Father Christmas visiting, the unwrapping of gifts, the music, the chocolates and the smells of a Christmas roast.

Little notes, small gifts can be left each night for your visiting Christmas fairies who will love being part of the family celebrations.

Your children’s imagination can run wild at this time of year, wondering where the fairy disappears to after visiting, talking about the magical powers they have and thinking about questions they’d ask if they met their Christmas fairies.

They can draw pictures, imagining what their fairy looks like, leave them Christmas stories or poems. This was written by Ruby last year for her special visitor:

The snow is falling all around
Tumbling flakes land on the ground.

Cold outside my little fairy?
Come inside and read my stories.

You fly all day and rest at night.
My Christmas fairy stays til it’s light.

Rest your head my little friend
I’ll blow you kisses from my bed.¬†


Other children have sent us pictures of the scenes they made around the elf door, using the magic glitter and Christmas decorations, like the Fairy Christmas tree, to make Christmas special for their little visitor.

The magical time of Christmas is now approaching fast and what a time it always is to be a fairy at this time of year. Little paths adorned with twinkling lights, fairy gates decorated everywhere, lighting the garden where your fairy visits each day, snow and frost making the world white and Christmas fairies everywhere waiting to visit your home at this time of year.

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