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Christmas Elf Doors are being ordered now, ready for the magical beginning of the festive season.  Our Christmas Elf Doors are a more sustainable, and imaginative alternative to advent calendars. 

Advent calendars are being bought in shops and supermarkets across the land in readiness for the 1st of December. Doors will be opened daily with a chocolate treat waiting for the eager hands.

1st December to 24th December is the excited countdown for all ages – doors opened daily for chocolate in advent calendars, arrival of cards and gifts from the postman, or even a letter from Santa Claus himself. The 25th of December is when the presents are opened to squeals of delight.

Imagine though the extra delight of having a real Elf living behind your Christmas Elf

At our shop we have plenty of ideas to add to the magic of Christmas: green elf doors, red elf doors, festive stickers, an illustrated Christmas adventure book and even a Fairy Christmas tree to excite children this Christmas – and beyond.

Christmas Elf Doors are a magical alternative to disposable advent calendars, which you can use each year, to build magical memories

These beautiful wooden Elf Doors are guaranteed to add extra magic to the build up.

Leave the door in a convenient place on the 30th November with the magic key and if the key has gone, the next morning, your fairy has moved into their own Christmas home.

001The Christmas Elf Door can sit inside if it’s cold and wet and with the magic key, you can let your children’s imaginations run wild: leaving Christmas notes, small Christmas gifts from the elf to your children (not forgetting from your children to the elf too), all adding to the celebrations at this wonderful time of year.

We are taking orders right now to ensure delivery for the end of November.

Our Christmas Elf Doors are perfect to add some magic and mischief to your house this Christmas. We recommend putting up your Elf door on 30th November ready for your Elf to visit throughout December although of course you can choose when your Elf comes to visit.

All our Fairy and Elf Doors are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Sprinkle some fairy dust, place your Christmas Elf Door ready for a visitor and open it each day to see what you’ve been left: truly magic.

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We would recommend you order early to avoid any disappointment.

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