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Your house or your garden? It’s your choice. We know fairies will love their special home wherever you place your fairy door.

Your garden fairy door can be placed just outside the kitchen door, or in a secret place in the garden where your fairy can visit without prying eyes. You find the special place, leave the magic key beside it and if the key has gone the next day, you know you have a fairy living in your garden. Magical.  

We’ve heard from children and parents about all sorts of special places: the garden fairy door is placed near the garden gate, the vegetable patch, or in a flower bed . We’ve heard from happy children about their garden fairy door being hidden amongst shrubs or behind an old tree, even near water, so the fairy can sleep soundly – the choice is yours.

001Just pick your garden fairy door from our shop, then sprinkle some fairy dust and sit back and wait – if you’re using the Fairy Deck Chair, just don’t sit on that! It’s not made for big people. It’s for your fairy to relax in.

You can then communicate with your fairy, whenever you like, leaving lovely drawings or stories or poems next to the Fairy Door that, we know, your fairy will cherish and love.

The odd treat, like a small piece of chocolate, is always appreciated too, but remember fairies are tiny and won’t be able to eat alot at once!

You can always leave them your fairy necklace to look at, remembering to write a note asking them to leave it, after they’ve played with it and admired it.

Another idea we love is the one where the garden fairy door has been changed over the year – from a winter one like the Red Elf door to a more “summery” one like the Ladybird door as spring and summer arrive.

The only limit with our Elf and Fairy Doors for the garden is your imagination.

All our tiny doors are durable, remember, so it is possible to swap them and gets years of use and joy out of them with your children, boys and girls alike.

We all love the magic of childhood, don’t we?

We know your children and fairies will love these unique garden fairy doors.

green elf door on rockFairy and Elf Club Membership, a magic key and fairy dust comes as standard with your Garden Fairy Door – you even get a naming certificate to keep track of your elf or fairy’s age so you can leave birthday cards and presents each year.

If you want to find out more about Garden Fairy Doors, please contact us, have a look at our blog posts, visit our shop or head over to our social media pages.

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