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Where do elves live?

Elves live at the North Pole with Santa. If they are very lucky they are chosen to live with a human family. They usually arrive on 1st December and stay until Christmas Eve although some elves stay all year!

How will my elf move in?

Simply find a special place to put your elf door and leave the key beside it. The next morning if the key has gone you will know that your elf has moved in. You can also leave gifts for your elf. A letter, a picture or even something to eat! If you are very lucky your elf might write back to you!


Can I give my elf a name?

Elves love to be given their own special name by their favourite human. Simply leave out the elf naming certificate on the first night you put up your elf door, choose a name for your elf and sign the certificate. The next morning your elf will have signed their new name! You can find the naming certificate here

Are elves invisible?

No elves aren’t invisible but they are very small and they move so quickly that we just can’t see them. Also they usually come out when we are fast asleep in bed! They are very good at looking in on us though and letting Santa know if you have been good and what presents you would like for Christmas.

Are elves naughty?

Some elves can be very mischievous! When they come to human homes they sometimes like to play tricks. They may sneak into the kitchen and eat the biscuits, play with your toys or even put your dad’s pants on the Christmas tree! It can be lots of fun to wake up in the morning and see what your elves have been up to. Some elves do prefer to eat mice pies and chocolate instead of playing tricks though!

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