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Fairies are not just for girls!

By July 23, 2015No Comments

We recently received a note from a parent who had just bought her son a Fairy Door.  Her son who is 6 years old loves playing football; cars and climbing (everything in sight!) however he also loves imaginative play and loved the idea of having a tiny person live behind a door in his bedroom.  Her son has given his fairy a whole identity.  He (his fairy is a boy) is called Titan and is 6 years old like him and loves (again like him) playing football and climbing trees.  There is nothing girly about Titan!  He lives in a magical world with other boy fairies.  By day they explore their world and have lots of fun and by night they come and watch over their friends in the human world.

Having a fairy watching over her son has helped him to get to sleep at night and has also provided him with hours of good, old fashioned creative play.  She says she often hears him setting up his toy football action figures to play a match outside the door or setting up his toy soldiers for a battle with the ‘baddies’ in the fairy world.

If you have a little boy who loves to play then this may be the ideal gift.  Thank you for sending in these lovely pictures of your boys with their fairy doors.  Keep sending them in!


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